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Coffee-table book design!

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Zalamo is web-based.
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Zalamo is the solution.

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Extremaalbum has a unique collaboration with Zalamo

We are found in other programs, BUT here we are with you all the way, for your sake.

We, together with Zalamo helps you all the way from start to finish. The goal for you may be to order your photobook with us
or that you download your files to your computer. Suporten for Zalamo is unique, there are support directly in the program in English.
Here on this page we have a chat function in the bottom and you will find more opportunities on the contact page.

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What people say about coffee-table books

Every shot should be a full-page photo in a coffee-table book ,and if you flip through
them fast enough, you'll think you've died and gone to heaven..

It's a coffee table book, and everyone who reads this book will inevitably spend
hours looking through the wonderful photographs.