Create a profile page and start selling online.

We have now created an instruction to open an online store for you.
There are a few steps before your page where the customer logs in and buys looks like this. Visit our  display store..

You create your store in the best way like this / You can also see how under Info in the menu but here we make it easy for you!

  1. Fill the store with products. Look here! If you want to borrow pictures, it’s ok here &
  2. Make a New Session Public it is important that you do a Public otherwise the customer’s photos will not end up
    on your profile page!
  3. The profile page  you find your unique link to each customer on the left Share, where you give the customer
    a unique password that you give your customer.

    But you can also copy the beginning of the link to get to the profile page.
  4. Done, you can now start selling. feel free to look into our viewing shop, the passwords for the top two are Cohlin and Izabela.

    Each Customer Public costs one session.
    We wish good luck and good sales.

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