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Have you just had a design approved or have you as a customer of a photographer approved the design of your book?

We offer photographers free flip books so that customers can show their books to loved ones.
At the same time you do your photographer a favor because in the book there is info that leads to the photographer.
We have just created a book for Sonia & Oscar.

This is our bookshelf here we will place many books, take one off the shelf and read.
We hope that this new service can attract many people to view books digitally, there are many benefits.


We help you with “everything”, we have bought this opportunity for the sake of our customers.
The books can be shared online, a link or embedded you decide.
– The perfect way to share and market yourself.





We will give away 50 places on the bookshelf then we will take 100 sec per book so it is important to be on the alert.
When we have 100 books, we will upgrade and be able to offer more features.





We have two requirements, you must work as a photographer and be on our page Photoever.
It is free to join the Photoever page.
If you are not a member of the page, we will arrange it.


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