About Zalamo book creator

Album design, proofing and support for photographers.

  • Now you have the opportunity to do everything in one software.
  • Design, Proofing, Correction download jpg files, psd or directly to lab.
  • Now you avoid troublesome uploads with FTP programs, Zalamo and everything is in place.

Five albums for free.

  • Create an account and start designing five albums for free.
  • Including album proofing and customer support.
  • Give the customer opportunities to influence the design and then approve.

Design where you are.

  • From now on, you are free to work on your design from any location you want.
  • Zalamo is web-based and supported by Firefox or Chrome.

Don’t worry!

  • With Zalamo, your image is the key.
  • You have full control over the layout.
  • Lots of ready-made templates.
  • In addition, you are completely free to create your own templates!
Which photographers use Zalamo?
Zalamo is an obvious choice for professional photographers. All in one, design and proofing. The market’s most cost – effective design program.

Do you want support?
We are included in the software as support. We have a support group on Facebook where everyone helps each other. In addition, you can contact Magnus for a short review of the program we have at the bottom of this website’s lower bottom corner for contact.

Our goal.
We see ourselves as your helping hand and are there for you whenever you want.
Our goal is to help photographers design albums easily and simply.

Who choose us?
They are quality conscious and price conscious. These are photographers who have heard about us through other photographers.