Booking calendar

Or as I myself did on my page as a photographer images that go directly to the category you want or elsewhere.
Here we will now show how you can create a calendar to let your customers book in with you and be photographed.
You can link to your own calendar we will show you here how to arrange the calendar ( Link to the booking calendar )







Here we have created an instruction for you.

Have you seen the symbol at the top, which looks like a grid system? There is a calendar for booking photos!
Click there and we will start tidying it up. Then you will be prompted to create the price list first so -Click.

Here you add your first booking category, it may be “Wedding full day”.

You write a description of your offer, and click on the blue button to upload this category.

Choose an image that has the important thing in the center (This image will only appear when you are done)

Sedan den vita knappen portfolio (under textrutan)

Here you import some reference images to show what it can look like when you shoot.
Then click close / save

Now we have created the category you can click on the three small dots to edit what you just did.
NOW click on the image for the category and we will come to the rules for that category.

Click to run the price list.

Click + and add the most expensive category first.

You enter the name of your category and price,
if you do not have your currency, you can change it on your personal settings in the upper right corner.
And then the next.

How long do you need before and after and how long does the whole shoot take. You write in minutes.
BUT do not write more minutes than what you then work per day, you can later select the category so it takes the whole day.

How close to a booking can you book? and how far in the future is it bookable?

Here I chose Skip 😉

Then it was finished so far, now we click on the three small dots, first how long and duration.

AND, here you click in that your full-day / half-day photography takes up the whole day, at the bottom.

How do you want to charge?
In your personal settings you can activate Paypal, if you choose partial payment, your customer will see it on the category info.

Messages to your customer when selecting a category.

Where should the photography take place?
Here you can enter places around where you live and maybe have an unspecified one.

You enter the location and address and a description of the location, then click the Google map button.

You search and save the map.

Here you can connect an online shop from eg Zalamo. (But that is another instruction)

Here we have created three alternative prices for children family photography.


Ask questions to the customer so the customer can tell them what it is about and what they expect – Questionnaire –

Create new / edit or select one that is already done.

Ask the questions you want answered.


So we were done with three wedding options, a child family option with three prices, also a little outside the box a category for our holiday home / corporate house you have the opportunity to come to the workshop.
Or maybe you have something you want to include that is not necessarily a photo ….

But before anyone can book you, you have to tell them when you work.

Now you are ready to share your link and receive bookings.
If you do not get the link to work, check the following before contacting support.

1: Have you activated that you receive reservations? If you want to be able to send SMS,
you need to buy at least one session that costs 3US $

2: You must also be open on the days you work.

3: And all photography must have a time required.
Good luck and believe it or not this booking system is 100% free. Regards through Zalamo Izabela & Magnus