Charge when booking and in store

Charge when your customer makes a booking, and in store using Paypal
Charging on the site only works today if you use Paypal.
You can charge when selling in a store and when booking. Here we show how.

We start here by logging in and clicking on your information Accont details.
There you fill in all the information you want and if you have a PayPal account, click on Receiving payments .

Here you enter the email address you use on Paypal, you can also add a small fee if you want.

Here you click in the box to charge when customers shop in the Public store.

You can also charge when your customers book you, you set prices and rules.
The payment goes to your Paypal account your customer pays securely with his card. Click Price List Settings.

If you did not prepare the payment when you created your different categories, you can get there by clicking on a category.

Then proceed by clicking Solution.

Here you click on the options you want and set the price and currency. Zapisz means save but you probably understood that.
So now you can start charging when customers book and order, no more reminder invoices.