Create a store

Here you build your store!
To be able to sell, you must have products in the store.

Select Prints under the package in the drip list, bold text marks Proof room (prices when you email)
Also prepare Public sessions! You add the sizes you want and the prices you have, then you choose Paper quality The matte paper is called Luster with us.

Then you choose accessories, Here you add products Canvas, Wallart, Plexi Glass, and also book if you want.
Here you see which products we have selected to sell for Proof Room and Public sessions. (Silhouette – globe).

You will find them in the drop-down list.

Here you name the products variety by variety and size by size, you also click on where they should be visible,
and write a product description.

In the left edge you will find the text Product pictures time to download pictures. You are welcome to use pictures from our site or or if you have your own photos.

Then in the left edge Cover of product, that image will represent the product and your customer clan then see more if they “browse”.

So all the products were in place.

  • Here we go through how to prepare  Proof room, You send this “store by email to your customer through Zalamo.
  • And here’s how to do  Public. Med Publik kan du ha butiken på din hemsida och du bestämmer lösen för kunden.
  • This is what our personal page looks like. We recommend you to sell products with Publik.

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– Support

– Do you have questions, do you need help? – We have support on Facebook And the blue speech bubble in Zalamo.