Do you sell digital files?
Selling digital files, maybe you have given your customer a file, so here the customer downloads them himself.

First, the customer selects the files the customer wants to download / Buy. then “BASKET”.
Selekt is the file.

Three for free.
This customer has received three files for purchase:. click on “SEND BACK”

Now you’re here.
At the top there is now a new tab “DOWNLOAD”, this is where the customer downloads the files.

This page appears and the customer clicks “DOWNLOADALL”. A packed / zipped file begins to download

Save file.
A dialog box asks what you want to do, select “Save file” then the customer goes to downloaded files in your computer
and double-clicks on it.
(If you have a PC, you may need WinRAR )

What’s in the shopping cart?
Om kunden köpt fler filer än de de fick gratis gör kunden nedanstående.
Här ser du vad du har i varukorgen, vi vill betala och klickar på “SEND BACK”.

And connecting to Paypal is an option not a must.

If everything seems to be correct click on “PAY”.

This is us.
If this is true, you should see your logo and info, Click on “buy now”.

Payment method.
If you do not have PayPal, click on “Pay by card”.

Your information.
Then it’s done.

Here are instructions for what it might look like when your customer buys PrintsProductsFiles.