Order your book

– Prepare for print.

Up to the left you can see that this book is called Hej.
To order, select the dark blue “prepare for print” button

– Two choices

You get two choices as a customer for Extremaalbum, you can choose “Order in lab”.
Or you choose to click on JPG to download your design, something we recommend no matter how you order.

– Zalamo wants your attention

– If a file is missing or someone has too low a resolution for a good result, you get an opportunity here to correct.
Fix the files and click the upload button “Upload high resolution images”
NOTE! do not change any file name

– Download or direct link.

– We recommend that you download – later you can copy the link and insert it in your order at Photoever Extremaalbum.

– Your design is ready for delivery

– In this step, your spreads are prepared for a final check of you.

– Does it look as intended?

– Here you see your design one last time check so everything is ok and that all spreads are included!
At the bottom, click “Accept”.

– Continue

– Here you just click “Continue”
Depending on what you have selected, the following happens.
If you select “Order in lab”, the order page will open.
If you chose “Download”, you will soon have a Zip file to download, Save it among your files for the customer. (a recommendation)

– Zip files

– If you chose to download, you will receive a Zip file.

– Unpack

– Double-click on the file and it will be unpacked (If you have a PC, you may need WinRAR )

– Here is your design

– In the folder that is created is the design, it is the files that are printed and become a photo book.

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– Support

– Do you have questions, do you need help? – We have support on Facebook

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