Prints / pictures

This is the letter – Message from the photographer.
In Zalamo you create a letter with info and how nice the pictures were.
This letter is what is emailed but which is also in the store.
Many photographers have meetings with their customers after the photo shoot,
but you may have a long-distance customer or have been
and photographed in another place, well then a Zalamo store can be a good solution for selling.
The customer has received an email and clicked here on Zalamo.
click “GO TO PHOTOS”

Here your customer can see all their pictures by scrolling.
What prices and paper choices have you programmed as a photographer “.

Each image has two icons select and prints, when you click on prints you can select the size of the print / image you also see the price.
For some photographers, prints / images larger than 30×40 are laminated and mounted on cardboard.
Laminate means that the image is protected from UV light and dirt.

The customer has chosen.
As you can see, there are now blue markings on three pictures, it is your customer’s choice, and the customer then clicks on “BASKET”.

What’s in the shopping cart?

As you see your customer has a file and 7 prints / pictures, we want to pay and click on “SEND BACK”.


If everything seems to be correct click on “PAY”.
The prices in the picture are just examples, your photographer has his prices.
Connecting to Paypal is voluntary but convenient.

It is us.
If this is true, you should see your logo and info, Click on “buy now”.

Payment method
If you do not have PayPal, click on “Pay by card”.

Your information.
Then it’s done.

Here are instructions for what it might look like when your customer buys PrintsProductsFiles.