In Zalamo you can add what products you want and the prices you want, Before you start you need product pictures,
to upload for each product / size.
We have added Canvas, Wallart, Plexi and books, click on the product and size you want.

Your customer selects a Wallart 30×40 with a white border, and clicks on “ADD TO BASKET”.

We make our choice.
Then the customer must choose the image they want as a motif for their Wallart.

The customer has chosen and can only choose one motif. “ADD TO BASKET”.

Then the customer comes to the choice again and can choose to order another in this size or “CONTINUE SHOPPING”.
(Prices in this demo are just examples)

The customer then also chooses a book.
The customer wants a book and reads the instructions.
We have written about the book and how many pictures the customer can choose “ADD TO BASKET”.

The book.
The customer must choose between 8-14 images, if we choose 8, it will be one image per spread,
which is a bit small, so why not choose 14?
The number of photos and price is something you decide as a photographer.

Select another book or “CONTINUE SHOPPING”.
(price just an example)

A box with pictures.
Here your customer can fill a box 13 * 18. “ADD TO BASKET”.

Number of pictures.
In this box, the customer can upload up to 10 pictures.
As with the books, it is you as the photographer who decides the number of pictures and the price of course.


The customer has made their choices.
As you can see, there are now blue markings on three pictures, it is the customer’s choice,
and then the customer clicks on “BASKET”.

What’s in the shopping cart?
If the customer bought more files than the ones you gave for free, the customer does the following.
Here you see what you have in the shopping cart, we want to pay and click on “SEND BACK”.


If everything seems to be correct click on “PAY”.
You do not have to activate this if you do not want or have, but it is a convenient way to get paid.

It is us.
If this is true, you should see your logo and info, Click on “buy now”.

Payment method.
If the customer does not have PayPal, click on “Pay by card”.
And if you as a photographer do not have Paypal, you do not need to activate this but do as you usually do / an invoice.

Your information.
Then it’s done.

Here are instructions for what it might look like when your customer buys PrintsProductsFiles.