Important mark what you want to sell And that it should be shown on your profile page we will return to this!

Upload customer photos.

Have a little patience. If you have not downloaded Zalamos “turbo” do it so it goes faster ( only available for PC so far).


On the left edge you will find Share here you give the store a unique password that you give your customer.

And then, Prints here you have the sizes you want to sell as regular paper images.

Here you see the products you offer.

Delivery method and costs.

If you want to change your messages to the customer, you will find it in Settings.

Under the camera, your “stores” gather in public sessions.

  • Here we go through how to prepare  Proof room, You send this “store by email to your customer through Zalamo.
  • And here’s how to do  Public. Med Publik kan du ha butiken på din hemsida och du bestämmer lösen för kunden.
  • This is what our personal page looks like. We recommend you to sell products with Publik.

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– Support

– Do you have questions, do you need help? – We have support on Facebook And the blue speech bubble in Zalamo.

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