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This is how your customers order their products.

If you want to see and try for yourself, click here, the passwords are Cohlin & Izabela.

When you place the mouse pointer on the image, you see the shopping cart in the upper right corner.

If you want to sell files no worries, your customer downloads them when they are paid,
the easiest way is to charge directly with Paypal.
Here the customer also chooses pictures you can have both luster and fine art paper if you want and many more sizes.
You have already posted the products and put your price on them.
If you want to sell a book, the customer must click on Accesseries at the top, more about that further down.

The products are now in the shopping cart and your customer chooses checkout.

Here are files in the shopping cart, note you must have payment on the page to be able to sell files.

Here you can set costs for delivery methods in advance – And the customer fills in their information.
You see above that this order allows downloading of files after payment.

If you have now connected Paypal and clicked on online payment in settings,
the customer is transferred to Paypal and can pay by card.

Here we have chosen not to charge on the page, which you see in the steps at the top.

When the customer has finished their order, they see this info and receive an email.

A: If your customer did not pay via paypal, you have an unpaid order, and your customer is asked to pay.

B: The customer has paid or you have not chosen to have a payment service on the site,
the customer can now keep track of their order.

Sell the book in the store.

In the top edge Products where you will find all products also Book if you have added it to the range.
You do not see it when you click on the pictures’ shopping cart.

We have put up a book as an example, and written an instruction together with the product information.

We have a minimum number of pictures that must be selected to be able to order and a maximum number
so there will not be too many pictures in relation to the number of pages and size of the book.

When the minimum number of pictures is selected, you can add the book to the shopping cart.
Once you have received your order, you can then design the book and show it to the customer for approval – proofing.


  • Here we go through how to prepare  Proof room, You send this “store by email to your customer through Zalamo.
  • And here’s how to do  Public. Med Publik kan du ha butiken på din hemsida och du bestämmer lösen för kunden.
  • This is what our personal page looks like. We recommend you to sell products with Publik.

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