Send the store to the customer

Proof room or Public?  Once you have put your products and prices in the store, you can start selling.
If you choose Proof room, an email will be sent from Zalamo to your customer.
But if you choose Public, you get a link that you can put on your page or write to your customer you decide on a password.
Here you can shop as a customer for the photographer, the solution is Izabela.

Add new customer / Client or a new Proofing room to an existing customer / Client.

If you choose Public, you decide which products your customer should receive, you Fill in a message to your customer.
(stands at the top of the pictures)
And also a message to your customer after order.

  • Here we go through how to prepare  Proof room, You send this “store by email to your customer through Zalamo.
  • And here’s how to do  Public. Med Publik kan du ha butiken på din hemsida och du bestämmer lösen för kunden.
  • This is what our personal page looks like. We recommend you to sell products with Publik.
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– Support

– Do you have questions, do you need help? – We have support on Facebook And the blue speech bubble in Zalamo.